IM Corona Cigar Burner - White Jumbo Palm Lighter

Welcome to a new standard in cigar lighters! The IM Corona Cigar Burner line of lighters are crafted from heavy-duty, high quality materials, and feature an extra-wide mouth, to accommodate any size cigar. The heating element is instant, but the...

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Bugatti 1 Limited Linear Carved & Silver Palladium

Bugatti B1 Limited Linear Carved & Silver Palladium Torch...

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BL400 Black Matte

Fashioned after the Bugatti grill, this windproof torch lighter features a twin pinpoint flame, as well as a convenient fold-out cigar punch. - Wind Resistant Torch Flame - Fold-Out 8mm Cigar Punch - Double Torch Flame - Butane Refillable - Three...

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Move Click to open supersize image Bugatti B-1 The Bugatti B-1 lighter is a sturdy and elegant piece with clean lines and a razor-sharp appearance. Featuring a solid, all-metal casing, this lighter is made to withstand abuse and keep on...

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ST Dupont MaxiJet Black Matte Torch Flame Lighter

S.T. Dupont carries a 2 year warranty on all lighters. After the 2 year period S.T. Dupont may still repair or replace your lighter if the malfunction is caused by craftsmanship.Single Adjustable Jet Flame, with side squeeze ignition...

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Dunhill Rollagas Carbon Fiber Palladium Lighter

Dunhill Rollagas Carbon Fiber Palladium...

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Vector Tri Pump Table Top Cigar Torch Lighter Hi-Polish Chrome TriPump

With the Tripump table lighter from Vector, you look forward to lighting your cigar almost as much as you look forward to smoking it. Solid metal table lighter is the perfect tool to light your cigars! Choose the Mega Pump for single torch action,...

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JetLine New York Black Triple Flame Torch Lighter

Triple Jet Flame, adjustable height flame, and refillable.Fuel...

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Black-Ops Torch Lighter Delta - Blackout

Rugged performance and elite style for all terrains of life. This lighter looks as great as it performs.Wind-resistant torch...

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