10 Pack of Boveda Humidipak 69% 8 Gram Humidity Packet

Our Medium Boveda pack measures 2.5" tall x 2.75" wide and contains 8 grams of gel. Put a Boveda Humidipak in your air tight container and relative humidity will be controlled at 69%. Perfect humidity is essential for keeping smoking material fresh...

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Madelaine's Propylene Glycol Solution 8 & 16 Oz. Pg Solution

Madelaine's PG Solution is the secret to perfect cigar storage. Our use every time formula is so easy to use. Just refill your humidifier straight from the bottle EVERY time you need to refill. No more scheduling or oversaturing... Madelaine's...

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Xikar Large Cigar Humidor Solution Propylene Glycol 16 Ounces

Humidor Solution PG Propylene Glycol Pre-mixed 50/50 Humidifying Solution is pre-made and mixed to exact specifications to activate and regulate your Humidor to 70% - 75% humidity. There is no need to add tap or distilled water. Our 50/50 Humidor...

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Xikar Humidor Solution Propylene Glycol Pre Mixed 8 Ounces

Xikar's Propylene Glycol Solution will keep humidifiers at a constant 70%. Contains anti-fungal agent; pre-mixed and ready to use. - Hydroscopic, so humidity is always 70% - Contains Anti-Fungal agents - Won't plug humidifiers Model #: 814XIPre...

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Xikar Humidifier Solution 16 oz.

Xikar Propylene Glycol Solution...

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4-Pack: Boveda Humidifier 72%

Boveda's 2-way humidity control is the only technology that can be pre-formulated to a specific humidity level with an accuracy of +/-2%. Boveda guarantees a constant level of humidity that never fluctuates or cycles. It also eliminates bacteria,...

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Quality Importers Humidi-Pak One-Step Hygrometer Calibration Kit, Humidors

Humidi-Pak One-Step Hygrometer Calibration Kit - Humidipak Patented One-Step Hygrometer Calibration Kit is used to check the accuracy of your hygrometer. The One-Step Calibration Kit produces an environment of 75-percent humidity. To calibrate,...

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